Helping Dealers Protect Drivers

Helping Drivers Protect Their Investment

The Benefits of GLOBALi

Automotive theft is a growing concern for Canadians. With over four hundred vehicles stolen every day, it costs Canadians well over $1.2 billion per year to replace or repair vehicles. The majority of these vehicles are taken to professional shops where they are disassembled and sold off as parts. One of the many benefits of GLOBALi is that parts and vehicles can be easily identified and, with the help of their impressive car registration service, returned to their rightful owners. How does GLOBALi work? It’s an innovative process that utilizes the GLOBALi vehicle registry and recovery network, but arguably more importantly; it’s a program that helps prevent auto theft from occurring in the first place.

How Does GLOBALi Help?

Auto theft is an industry not unlike any other. Thieves know that time is money. The GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program helps by lowering the value of a marked vehicle on the black market. When the value of a vehicle or parts is reduced, it makes selling stolen goods a more time consuming and difficult endeavour. Any thieves worth their salt understand that it’s substantially more profitable to skip over a vehicle marked with GLOBALi and find a more suitable target.

How Does GLOBALi Work?

GLOBALi uses a two-pronged approach to protecting your investment. Primarily, GLOBALi uses their brand strength and reputation to prevent theft from occurring in the first place. Car thieves recognize that a GLOBALi branded vehicle is a less desirable target as the vehicle and parts are marked with a unique theft ID number which can be traced by Law Enforcement. A vehicle branded with GLOBALi is marked in 12 strategic locations on the vehicle. Each GLOBALi label has a unique theft identification number that is registered to the original VIN of the vehicle. Should the label be removed, the GLOBALi unique theft identification number adheres to the vehicle body part(s) and can only been seen using a specific frequency ultra-violet light that is accessible to Law Enforcement officers Nationally. Once the GLOBALi unique theft ID number has been located, it can then be searched in the VRRN and traced back to the original owner of the vehicle.

Is GLOBALi Effective?

Dealerships often have millions of dollars in assets on their premises. . Many car thieves see them as an ideal one-stop shop. Car thieves are always making advances in the way they operate and dealerships make moves to counter the opposing efforts. GLOBALi is often used as a theft prevention program of choice for one reason: it works.
A vehicle can be an expensive investment. The benefits of GLOBALi provides vehicle owners with piece of mind and the safety that only the largest vehicle registry and recovery network North America. The GLOBALi program is used by automotive dealerships from coast to coast due to a few simple facts. It’s an effective force of crime prevention, and it can lead to the recovery of vehicles and parts faster than any other program in the market. Don’t trust the safety of your vehicle with anything less than the best. Insist on the GLOBALi theft deterrent program. 

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